Francesca Furlan

Francesca Furlan

Educational Background

BA in Intercultural Linguistic Mediation, University of Bologna (Dipartimento di Traduzione e Interpretazione di Forlì), 2015-2018

Dissertation: “Paris is Still Burning” - BA dissertation on queer language and culture

Erasmus exchange at Université Catholique de l’Ouest, Angers, 2017

MA in Comparative Cultural Analysis, Universiteit van Amsterdam,  2018-2019

Dissertation: “Failing Economies and and Tortured Ecologies, an analysis of Atwood’s and Butler’s dystopias” - MA dissertation on dystopia imagination in science fiction in the field of environmental humanities.

Currently: LLA at the University of Padova, 2020 - 2022, languages of study English and French. Main research interest feminist, post colonial, American literature.

Work experience

Customer support, Safilo (Padova), APAC and China, 2019 - present.

Academic writing strength: precise in structuring and building all sections of an essays.

Academic writing weak point: fully developing every single idea.