Bharat Singh Thapa

Dr. Bharat Singh Thapa is an Assistant Professor at the Central Department of Management, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He completed his PhD with a thesis entitled “Socio-Economic Impact of Microfinance in Nepal”. He has presented more than a dozen papers on microfinance at various national and international conferences. His area of interest includes microfinance, financial inclusion, climate change, financial literacy, personal finance, and capital markets. He supports the Financial Institutions of Nepal by providing training and advisory services in the areas of social change through microfinance, financial inclusion and financial literacy. He also serves as Independent Director of Suryodaya Womi Microfinance Ltd., a national microfinance institution of Nepal. He also facilitates (in Nepal) “Microfinance in Action,” a winter school in Nepal run by the University of Padova, Italy which is coordinated by Prof. Alberto Lanzavecchia. He have already visited University of Padova Italy (2017 and 2018) to deliver selected lectures on “Microfinance" to the students of MA in Human Rights and PhD scholars under the Erasmus Plus program. 

Currently, he is Faculty Incharge (visiting professor) for the course "Microfinance for Local Development" in School of Human Science at University of Padova, Italy.