Terms and Periods for the Graduation

To graduate, it is necessary to fill in the application form in Uniweb.

Remember that:
1) in addition to the title of the thesis in English, the title of the thesis in Italian must also be included in the degree application;
2) the Almalaurea questionnaire must also be completed online;
3) at the confirmation of the application, the system will generate a pre-printed payment form called MAV to be paid within the indicated deadlines;
4) if the student has a university booklet it is necessary to deliver it at the Student Careers Office (Casa Grimani, Lungargine Piovego 2/3);
We recommend to students who fail to finish their thesis on time, to promptly cancel the degree application in Uniweb (the payment of the MAV is mandatory anyway).

The graduating student is advised to carefully evaluate for which call of graduation to apply considering the status of the student career. If, after submitting an application for the 1st call of a session, it is necessary to move to the 2nd call, the student has to write to conseguimentotitolo.studenti@unipd.it as soon as possible.

Terms and periods: read the Academic Calendar 2021/22 (update: May 2022)

Terms and periods: read the Academic Calendar 2022/23 (update: Jul 2022)

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