STeDe Batch 9 representatives ELECTIONS

STeDe Batch 9 representatives ELECTIONS

by Sara Luchetta -
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Dea all,

I hope this email finds you well! I am writing because, for some administrative procedures (and also for the relationship with the professors and the staff in the official meetings) we need 2 STeDe representatives for Batch 9.

The two representatives will be invited as hosts in the meetings of Consiglio di Corso di Laurea (CCLM) and as effective members in the meetings of the GAV (Gruppo per l'Accreditamento e la Valutazione). Of course this is for the Padova semester: when the representatives will be in Belgium or France will be able (if wanted) to join us via Skype during the meetings.

It is preferable that at least one of the two representatives knows the Italian Language (all the official documents that are used in the meetings are in Italian).


- If you are interested in being a representative, please send ME ( your candidacy by the 18.00 of Sunday, 13th of October
- I'll send the names of the candidates to all of you; 
- The elections will be held via email during Monday, 14th of October, 10.00-18.00. 

Next CCLM will be held on Wednesday, 16th of October at 14.30 (sala B). The representatives will be invited to join. 

Should you need any kind of information, please do not hesitate to write me!

All the best,