2023 Grad Conference CFP Western University, Canada

2023 Grad Conference CFP Western University, Canada

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The Departments of Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies, and the Centre for Theory and Criticism at Western University invite you to submit your proposals to our 2023 Graduate Student Conference:

Travel Light: Apprehending Being on the Move

Topics include, but are not limited to:

- In the movement of meaning between languages, what is lost or gained?

- How can this movement of meaning be mapped upon the world when thinking about immigration, migration, and economic circulation?

- Why is “movement” so integral to metaphors of historical progress and capitalist development?

- How are we to think of tourism in relation to movement and its prohibition?

- How has the West’s obsession with newer, more advanced technologies of movement impacted our conceptions of place and possibility?

- How has “movement” as a thematic, metaphor, and/or motif changed in literature throughout its history?

- How can Disability Studies aid in the re-definition of movement through nonableist frameworks?


Please submit your proposals of 200 words to:




Proposal submission deadline extended to: January 31, 2023

Notification of acceptance: February 10, 2023

Conference: March 10-11, 2023 – in person and online at Western University, Canada

 Please see attached for more information.