The study plan is a document that attests the teachings that the students choose during the program to achieve 120 ETCS. Compiling the study plan is mandatory for all the students. The study plan must be fill in online.
To fill in the study plan you must go to your personal page on, click on “Didattica” and then “Piano di studio”.

“Allegato 2”, reference document for compiling the study plan
To fill in the study plan you must know all the teachings of your degree program.
“Allegato 2” of a program is determined every academic year. It contains all the teachings of  the program, depending on the academic year of enrollment.
For each teaching, the document says: the type of teaching (basic teaching, characterizing, supplementary, internship/other activities, free choice, thesis) , the semester of the activity, number of hours and ECTS, in addition to the responsible teacher’s name.
Before fill in the study plan, please check the “Allegato 2”, taking into account the academic year of your enrollment. For example, the students enrolled in a.a. 2017/2018 must refer to 2017/2018 “Allegato 2”

Allegato 2 A.A. 2021/22 - Immatricolati nell'A.A. 2021/22 SU2446 Local Development - I anno

Allegato 2 A.A. 2020/21 - Immatricolati nell'A.A. 2020/21 SU2446 Local Development - II anno

Previous academic years

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