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The training and orientation internship is a period of training aimed at students (curricular internship), recent graduates within 12 months of graduation (extracurricular internship) and graduates in unemployment status (work placement / reintegration internship), in companies, public bodies and professionals. It can be compulsorily foreseen by the regulation of the degree course, or it can be done optionally.

N.B Correct choice of form:

  • voluntary curricular: free internship - without credit

  • curricular with recognition of cfu: free internship - with credit

 Search and apply for an Internship

Find an internship in Italy and Abroad

There are several tools available for students and graduates who want to undertake the experience of an internship.
The office updates a special window where it is possible to consult the offers reserved for students and graduates of the University of Padua. To consult it and apply for an offer, it is necessary to access the reserved area, using the username and password of the University e-mail. For each application, the office will send an email with the result of the pre-selection.

Starting the internship

In order to start an internship you need a training agreement, a training project and to have passed the general training course on safety in the workplace. Insurance coverage for third party liability and accidents at work (INAIL) is paid by the University:

AGREEMENT: if not yet stipulated, it is up to the host institution: see page dedicated to information for companies.

TRAINING PROJECT: it must be completed by the student together with the company tutor and academic tutor within the reserved area of our online platform Unipd Careers (instructions can be found in the same reserved area). At least 15 days before the start date, the training project must be sent by email to the Career Service office ( and it has to have an electronic signature in pades (.pdf) by the hosting organization, then the Career Service will handle the procedure for the student’s electronic signature and for responsible of internship for degree course’s approval.

SAFETY TRAINING COURSE  (mandatory for all types of traineeship)

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and by the State-Regions agreements of 21/12/2011 and 07/07/2016, before starting the internship or internship period, each student / graduate must carry out a general safety course or/and a specific one.

General safety course: University of Padua is the guarantor, the course has to be done online BEFORE the compilation of the training project and then the result has to be put in it.

The course is on our moodle platform (sign on with university credentials SSO).

N. B: If already in possession of a general safety training certificate obtained in accordance with the aforementioned laws, in another institution or at the University of Padua before 25 July 2017, the student must send a copy to the email address for the appropriate adequacy checks and possible exemption from the online course.

Specific safety course: the hosting institution is the guarantor.

It changes based on the risk that the trainee will be exposed, so the hosting institution will have to give a specific safety course: low risk (4 hours), medium risk (8 hours), high risk (12 hours),also  the host institution has to evaluate the previous course given by the University.

The University of Padua has already on e-learning two specific courses:

  • for office activity or similar placework, and IT laboratory a low risk course (4 hours).

  • for scientific laboratories (indoor and outdoor) a high risk course (12 hours).

These two courses are the moodle platform of the University. The certificate achieved at the end can be sent to the hosting institution for the evaluation of the specific safety training.

When you have all the signatures the document is completed and the internship can start on the date that you have put on the project.

Registration an internship

At the end of the internship:

  • send by email the final documentations, you can download it the forms section: certification from hosting tutor, presence register and the final essay (n.b the certification and the presence register have to have an electronic signature by hosting organization and be in pdf/a, the final essay hasn’t to be signed);

  • once all the documents have been sent, you have only to sign up for the registration on uniweb, the cfu for the internship will be automatically uploaded in your academic career.

P.S Whom has begun the internship with the old procedure the documentations have to be sent or brought in original and with an autograph signature. 

Recognition for working activity or civil service

For recognition of a working activity or the civil service the student has to fill in and send at the office the following form and the attachments required.

The form hasn’t to be signed, the attachments have to be an electronic signature.

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