The Master's degree programme in Communication Strategies includes 3 different internships: 

STAGE 1: 6 CFU Mandatory internship (150 hours)

- STAGE 2 and 3: Mandatory internships of 3 CFUs (75 hours each): mandatory for 2022/2023 and earlier cohorts only. It is recommended to use them (internship 2 and internship 3) to deepen the experience started with internship 1. 

In order to select and implement an internship, the following steps must be followed (we strongly recommend to read the instructions CAREFULLY before asking any questions to the Career Service Office or the Internship contact person because all the information present here will not be repeated):

1. Thinking about the internship

2. How to seek and activate the internship

3. What to do once the internship is over and Internship registration


Information for those who intend to recognize as an internship the work activity


More info:

Career Service office:

Administrative/organizational reference for the degree program:  Alessandra Lighezzolo.

Academic reference for the degree program: Giulia Nalesso.

Please note that emails requesting information already on these pages or on the pages of the Career Service Office will not receive a response and that the referring professor should not be contacted for administrative or bureaucratic requests.

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