The contact persons/institutions for internships are:

The Career service Office: this is the university office that deals with internships from the bureaucratic and administrative point of view (from the application to the end of the internship).  Here the contacts and hours of the Career Service office in the School of Human Sciences.

 The promoting institution: the University of Padua.

 The host institution: this is the company, public body or professional at which the internship is being held. In order to host an intern, the institution must have an agreement with the University of Padua. In the absence of the latter, it is up to the host institution to request the activation of the agreement. See the dedicated page for companies.

The company tutor: this is the figure who will follow the intern during his/her period at the host institution. It is important to remark that the internship training project should be agreed upon with the company tutor and the academic tutor.

The academic tutor: this is the academic person who will supervise the internship on the university side. The tutor can be any professor in the course of study. It is not recommended to ask the referring professor to be the academic tutor except for internships related to his/her subject. Thus, if it is an internship involving contacts with Spain or Latin America etc., the current contact person can also be contacted. 

The academic reference (referring professor) for the MA programme: contact person for internships. He/she is the one who approves internships as the dean's delegate. He/she is NOT the academic tutor. Administrative and bureaucratic information is not the responsibility of this person. 

In case the information on this page is not enough, students are encouraged to consult the dedicated page for all information regarding internships in Italy ( or abroad ( or contact the Career Service Office directly.

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