Creation of two different thesis models


1-Thesis/Research Project: Work of a research nature, in-depth and with the application of an appropriate research method, with original content and an extensive and congruent bibliography.

 The indicative length of the thesis can be between 120 to 200 pages.

0 to 4 points + 1 bonus point if on time and/or if with Erasmus


2-Thesis/Project of a compilation nature:
 Work that presents a comprehensive report on a case study or internship activity, with research method and originality of content of modest contribution and with limited bibliography. 

The approximate length of the paper may be
between 60 and 120 pages.

0 to 2 points + 1 bonus point if on time and/or if with Erasmus



-The supervisor is responsible for making it clear to the student and the committee whether the thesis is of type 1 or 2.

-The research project (computer, audiovisual or multimedi, if any), must be accompanied by a written paper of a historical-theoretical and/or methodological nature.

The indicative length of the written work accompanying the project is 50% of the thesis (type 1 or type 2).

-Honors: if the total score (starting grade + points for the thesis + bonus points, if any) is 110 or more, the correlator can propose the praise. 

The committee must vote unanimously to award the distinction.