Based on the Bylaws for Students Careers  (art. 20, paragraph 6), the student is required to submit the Study Plan before taking the exams. To take the exams without submitting the Study Plan makes exam as  "out of Study Plan", therefore no valid for the Degree.

Terms for compilation:

First year and Second year Sustainable Territorial Development students enrolled in Academic Year 2018/19: the Study Plan is automatically approved.
When to submit: from October 22nd to November 30th 2018 (can be modified until June 30th 2019)

After completing or modifying the Study Plan, the student must click on "Confirm Study Plan" to get all the teachings in his/her electronic booklet and to enroll for exams of Master Degree.

Where to insert the data?

To compile, change and present their Study Plan, the students must use the online procedure activated on the Uniweb platform (

Entering in the personal Uniweb page (see: "didattica > piano di studio"), the students must follow the Choice Rules (“Regole di Scelta”) regarding their enrollment year. For a guide to the compilation, please consult the on-line manual available at the following link.

Which learning activities to insert?

The Choice Rules for filling in the Study Plan follow the terms of the Didactic Bylaws (see: “Regolamento Didattico - Allegato 2”) of the Sustainable Territorial Development Master’s Degree. The “Allegato 2” presents the plan of Course Units planned for each enrollment.

When to fill in the plan?

The Study Plan must be compiled at the beginning of each Academic Year and the choices made can be modified until the submission of the definitive Study Plan, due for the final year, in any case before  the application for admission to the final thesis.

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