Invitation - New Shadow Theatre Production in Padova - January 18

Invitation - New Shadow Theatre Production in Padova - January 18

by Marco Bellano -
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Dear Students,

This message is an invitation to a new production of the original shadow plays that were staged in late XIX century at the renowned cabaret Le Chat Noir in Paris.

The show will feature the screening of a new animated film especially created by Igor Imhoff ( under my supervision. The visuals are based on the shadows and backgrounds from the Chat Noir shows, now part of the collections of the Museo del PRECINEMA in Padova.

The film will be accompanied by a live performance of the music by Georges Fragerolle from the original plays, in a new version for string orchestra, percussion and baritone, which I orchestrated from the piano and baritone score.

The show is scheduled for January 18, 2019, at 18:30, Sala dei Giganti, Palazzo Liviano.

There is a limited amount of available seats (150), upon invitation only. As students of the History of Animation course, I would like to give you a priority access to this exclusive event.

If you want one seat (or more), please inform me of your participation as soon as possible, by replying to this message, or by emailing me at, telling me how many seats you want to reserve. I will then reply to confirm the reservation of your place(s). Each one of you can reserve up to 4 seats.

Please consider that, because of the limited amount of seats, by reserving your place you commit to be present on January 18.

Thank you for your attention, and also for attending the course. I enjoyed a lot working with you during the past months.

Many wishes of a happy festive season to everyone.

Best regards,

Marco Bellano