Kickoff meetings for interdisciplinary projects

Ri: Kickoff meetings for interdisciplinary projects

by Tomaso Erseghe -
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Dear All,
wrt today's kickoff meeting for IP2 & 6, we remind IP2 & 6 that the groups should slightly reorganise in such a way to have the following subgroups:

Facebook API + scraping: 4 people
Whatsapp scraping : 2 people
Qualtrics programming: 2 people

Word network: 4 people
Tweet post network: 4 people

This makes 16 participants.

A new task will be activated in IP6 in case the participants significantly exceed 16.

Please make sure that subgroups are balanced, that each student is associated to a subgroup of interest, and that those who have a specific knowledge (e.g., natural language processing) are assigned to a group where their expertise is relevant.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon

Tomaso Erseghe
Caterina Suitner