Video Presentation

Video Presentation

de Elena Sanchez Lopez -
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Dear participants:

If you are thinking about how to make your video presentation, let me give you some tips.

· Remember that it has to be about 5 minutes long.
· Bear in mind that posters will be available on the Moodle page, besides the video link and the abstract. Consequently, visitors could watch the video while looking at the poster.  
· Our idea is to let you give free rein to your creativity. That means:

· no MB limit.

· you can choose whether you or your poster are visible or not.

Some suggestions:
· Viewers are more likely to watch and pay attention to a video when the speaking person is visible.
· Showing some slides or focusing on a determinate area of the poster can help to follow the explanation.
· Posters are too big to be entirely on the screen.