SNA exam news

SNA exam news

par Tomaso Erseghe,
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Dear All,

here are a few clarifications about the SNA exam.

It will be in two parts: written test and IP.

1) Written test (multiple choice) in one of the exam sessions (1st session is on 29th Jan, 2nd is on 19th Feb); the test will be online, via zoom. The available time will be 1 hour for a total of 16 questions (with 4 multiple choices each), each question being worth 2 points. You will access the test via the elearning web site, on your pc/laptop. The zoom session must be active in your smartphone, in such a way that the camera captures you and your pc/laptop. The zoom link will be made available later on. 

Be aware that you can do the test either before or after the IP presentation, as you prefer.

Remember to sign up for your preferred exam session in uniweb !

2a) IP presentation (powerpoint slides) on the 4th of February in Classroom 7 @ DISLL via Beato Pellegrino. The presentation will be delivered simultaneously in classroom and on-line, and you are therefore free to choose which option suits you best! The zoom link will be the usual link we used for lectures, namely We will prepare a detailed schedule for the presentations soon. At least one IP group cannot make it for the 4th of February, so a second session will be added later on. 

2b) IP report: you and your IP group should deliver a common report, where each participant provides her/his own input. SNA students are required to work on the definition of research questions, the bibliographical search, and as well the interpretation of the results. 

The report should be delivered via email by midday on Feb the 3rd. 

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions on these issues