Training school by COST Action CA19112 Albania (6-10 June)

Training school by COST Action CA19112 Albania (6-10 June)

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Call for Participants in a 4-day training school organized by COST Action CA19112

Albania (6-10 June 2022)

Location: Marin Barleti University, Tirana (Albania)

The training school will strengthen the selected trainees’ competences in research methodology on women´s migration. Trainees will learn through intensive training, lectures, interactive group classes, group work projects, working with top researchers and experts in collaboration with local stakeholders.

The training school will acquaint trainees with various aspects of research. Sessions will be tailored for the two groups of participants, M.A. and PhD students, in the following way:

• For Master’s students, training sessions will include classes in storytelling, biography and life writing. Students will also be acquainted with the research techniques of interviewing and oral history. Training will include both qualitative and quantitative research methods.>

• PhD candidates will receive training in creating databases from experts in the field. They will also gain insights in writing research grant proposals.

Trainees will work in tutored groups towards final tasks to be presented in the last session.

For further info please check the call file attached.