Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2022

Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2022

by Settore Didattica DiSLL -
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On behalf of prof. Fabrizio Dughiero Vice Rector for Innovation and Industry Relations

Dear all,
we would like to remind you of this important initiative, part of the events planned for the 800th anniversary of our University.
This year, our University will host the Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, promoted by the Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities Alliance (GISU).
The Alliance was created in December 2018.  The University of Padua is one of the founding member universities of the alliance, which is committed to establishing a multilateral exchange mechanism to promote friendly exchanges between scholars from sister cities. The Alliance currently includes 18 members, representing 15 countries, 17 sister and friendly cities, with a combined population of almost 38 million, over half a million students and 44,000 faculty and staff.
The third Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has just been launched and will last a few months. The finals will be held at the Botanical Garden in November 2022.
The theme of the competition is promoting Sustainable Urban Development with Scientific and Technological Innovation. The competition awards cash prizes.
The finalists of the competition will be judged on the following criteria:
• Innovation
• Team
• Commerciality
• Social benefits
• Communication
Eligible participants are full-time students over 18 years old or graduates within 5 years of graduation (graduates after 2017).
Participating teams will be able to compete in the following two categories:
• CONCEPT TEAM: members of the team have not funded a company but have a business idea or project.
• START-UP TEAM: members have launched a start-up company. The company must not have been established before 2019. The equity of the legal representative of the participating enterprise shall not be less than 10% and the total equity of the participating members shall not be less than 1/3.
The teams will have to produce a business plan, a video pitch and a presentation of their business idea. They will be invited to illustrate how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can benefit from their projects with a specific focus on innovation, multi-disciplinarity, entrepreneurship and innovation.
At this link you can find all the information on the Competition, the rules, the prizes, and the deadlines.

The invitation to participate is open to anyone who has a business idea and wants to get involved.

For any information please contact the organising secretariat: gisu.competition2022@unipd.it and the contact persons listed below. 

Fabrizio Dughiero
Vice Rector for Innovation and Industry Relations

Organisational secretariat
Kim Anne Barchi 
+39 340 2111801 kimanne.barchi@unipd.it
Juan Deng
+39 049 827 6788 - juan.deng@unipd.it
Chiara Gobbi
+39 049 8271919 - chiara.gobbi@unipd.it
Michele Toniato
+39 049 8271848 michele.toniato@unipd.it