A party by Versailles - 4-9 July 2022 - Summer School

A party by Versailles - 4-9 July 2022 - Summer School

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A party by Versailles - 4-9 July 2022 - Summer School

Win your ticket to join 10 World-Class Personalities from different disciplines and from all over the world (from electronic music to architecture, landscape or fashion) to create a Party in Versailles, subject and object of the work.

Parties in Versailles have always been moments of political and artistic revolution. Participants will assist numerous events and conferences in the most exclusive places of Versailles in order to create and debate to think about our world.

Call you friends now and run to @ee.versailles on Instagram ! Repost this story tagging 4 friends you would like to come with and @ee.versailles and win your free ticket !!! Don't miss this unique gathering. Come, express yourself and take part to the debate for our world ! 

Come together to create a Party in Versailles in the most exclusive settings to rethink our world ! 10 disciplines, 10 Masters of our House, 10 settings, 10 aspects of 1 Party, and all of you ? Work and party in the most exclusive places of Versailles. Debates, visits, workshops, events, ... come with your friends to leave a memorable moment !

BOOK NOW  ! www.ee-versailles.fr 

Have a look to @ee.versailles on instagram and win your ticket !

éé Versailles

www.ee-versailles.fr @ee.versailles
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Royal Stables of the Castle of Versailles,
5 Avenue de Sceaux,
78000 Versailles