Exam dates

Exam dates

by Tomaso Erseghe -
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Dear all, 

all exam dates are now available in uniweb.

For the written exam we have:

  • SNA first call 23/24 - 26/01/2024 10:30am Aula 8
  • SNA second call 23/24 - 16/02/2024 10:30am Aula 8
  • SNA third call 23/24 - 01/07/2024 10:30am Aula 8
  • SNA fourth call 23/24 - 12/07/2024 10:30am Aula 8
  • SNA fifth call 23/24 - 23/08/2024 10:30am Aula 8
  • SNA sixth call 23/24 02/09/2024 10:30am Aula 8
  • SNA seventh call 23/24 - 13/09/2024 10:30am Aula 8

The  written exam will be based on 16 multiple choice questions (2 points each) covering the entire course, and will last 30 minutes. It accounts for 50% of the final grade.

The oral presentation of your IP (group presentation) will take place on:

  • IP day - 08/02/2024 09:00 (room tbd)

In the unfortunate case that some of you will not be ready for that date, we will have project presentations right after each written session (starting at 11:00am). The time devoted to each project will approximately be 5 mins for introduction + 5 mins for each presenter (SNA+NS students), so that, for example, a group of 6 people will have 35 minutes in total. A more defined schedule will be available right before the IP day.

Remember that you are also supposed to write a report that includes the topic studied, the theoretical background, the results, discussion and conclusions. Your NS colleagues are asked to write a short section on the methods (algorithms they used), as well as to help the IP group in preparing meaningful diagrams/networks/figures/tables that explain your findings. Please send us the report via email at least the day before the final presentation.


Caterina & Tomaso