Corsi ESTIVI 2015 in Russia

Corsi ESTIVI 2015 in Russia

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Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) is pleased to present  two
new Summer School programs in Russian Studies which are aimed at receiving
new knowledge in the academic field, mastering Russian language and
getting acquianted the Russian lifestyle and unique culture.

The Demidov Express

Within the framework of The Global Education Initiative BRICS Ural Federal
University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) and the Higher School of Economics
(Saint-Petersburg, Russia) invite foreign students to join  the Summer
program The Demidov Express.
The Demidov Express is the first Summer School held in two Russian
leading universities: Ural Federal University and the Higher School of
Economics. The three-week Summer School -  from July, 6 until July, 26, 2015 -
provides its participants with a unique combination of following
exploring the political, economic, social, cultural and civilizational and
other features of the Member States of the BRICS, analyzing their
interaction in a globalizing world;
improving the level of Russian language (different levels from A1 to C1);
visiting two significant cities of Russia: Ekaterinburg and Saint-Petersburg  (10 days in each spot);
having unforgettable guided train-journey on the board of the Demidov
Express - train;
joining cultural program with the huge variety of extracurricular activities.
The application deadline is  May, 1st , 2015.
Additional information can be found at the official website:
To contact us :  or
The online application :

The Russian Studies in Real Russia: Talents for Talentsâ

The three-week language school “The Russian Studies in Real Russia:
Talents for Talents” provided by Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg,
Russia)  ­ July, 26- August, 14 - makes the emphasis on the indivvidual
basic human, academic and business needs of the learners, the
opportunities to make a quick language progress and get an unforgettable
cultural experience.
1.  The Intensive Course of Russian as a Foreign Language
Our goal is to advance the communicational skills of every student even
if he/she only starts to learn Russian. For this reason the new program
includes: more hours on Russian as a foreign language (60 hours per three
weeks); the Outdoor practical seminars; opportunities to have extra
classes with leading UrFU tutors; individual learning materials.
2.  Workshops and Practical Seminars
During the first days of the summer program students are free to choose
one of the specialized Workshops within following fields of Russian
Studies: 1)Business and Economics of Russia; 2)Russian Culture and
Literature; 3)History and Sociology of Russia; 4)Russian Media and
Politics - and have practical seminars with the leading professors of
UrFU; get an access to a quality theoretical discourse and modern actual
learning materials; solve several real-time problematic situations;
achieve a deep understanding of social and cultural context of Russia.
3. Cultural program and extracurricular activities
The course will be presented in the local social and cultural context. It
gives a chance to discuss some topics on the spot, to visit the best
places of interest both in Ekaterinburg and the Ural region, practicing
Russian language in academic and informal environment.
The evenings of Russian national cuisine, open-minded volunteers,
extra-activities (visiting Russian banya, celebrating the Day of
Ekaterinburg, cinema, shopping, etc)  ­ as informal part of the bboth
programs  ­ make the atmosphere of staying in Russia friendly andd amusing.
The application deadline is  June, 1st , 2015.
Additional information can be found at the official website :

To contact us :  or
The online application :
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