Corsi di Inglese B1

Corsi di Inglese B1

by Segreteria Didattica FISPPA -
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The B1 English courses are held by the CEL and are aimed at preparing students for the TALB1 test by bringing their level of English up to B1 in all 4 skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

All students are strongly advised to attend these courses, which will be
available in both semesters. Students can select to attend one (or more) course, and in either or both semesters.

B1 English A Dott. Heithaus       Monday 12.30-14.30 aula R

B1 English B Dott. Heithaus       Thursday 16.30-18.30 aula B3

B1 English C Dott. Church         Tuesday 12.30 - 14.30 aula R

B1 English D Dott. Church         Thursday 12.30 - 14.30 aula R

B1 English E Dott. Church         Friday 10.30 - 12.30 aula A

B1 English F Dott. Church         Friday 14.30 - 16.30 aula A

B1 English X Dott. Heithaus      Friday 12.30 - 14.30 aula R

Dott.ssa Heithaus begins lessons on 30th September
Dott. Church begins lessons on 8th October