Cómo funciona Wonder

de Elena Sanchez Lopez -

¿Cómo funciona Wonder?

La idea básica es simple: cada usuario está representado por un pequeño avatar. Puede moverse por la sala haciendo clic o arrastrando el avatar con el ratón. Si un usuario se acerca a otro, el videochat se abre. Se ve a todos los usuarios que hay en la sala, pero tan solo se participa en las conversaciones cuando el avatar se encuentra dentro de un pequeño círculo.

¿Cómo me muevo por la sala?

Haz clic en cualquier sitio de la sala y mantén apretado el botón del ratón para que el avatar de sus primeros pasos.

¿Cómo hablo con otros usuarios?

Si quieres participar en una conversación, acércate a un grupo hasta que tu avatar se encuentre dentro del círculo. También puedes usar el chat para comunicarte con un usuario, todo tu grupo o la sala entera.


How does wonder work?

The basic idea is simple: each person is represented by a little avatar. By clicking or dragging your mouse, you can move around the room. If you get close enough to someone else, a videochat opens. You can see other people moving around the space and talking to each other, but you cannot hear or see their conversation unless you stand in the small circle around them.

How do I move around the room?

Click anywhere in the room with your mouse and keep holding - and here we go, your avatar will make his first steps. 

How do I chat to other guests?

If you want to join a conversation, just move close enough to the group until your avatar stands within the coloured circle. You can also use written chat from anywhere in the room to communicate with individual guests, your current group or the whole room.

Video Presentation

de Elena Sanchez Lopez -

Dear participants:

If you are thinking about how to make your video presentation, let me give you some tips.

· Remember that it has to be about 5 minutes long.
· Bear in mind that posters will be available on the Moodle page, besides the video link and the abstract. Consequently, visitors could watch the video while looking at the poster.  
· Our idea is to let you give free rein to your creativity. That means:

· no MB limit.

· you can choose whether you or your poster are visible or not.

Some suggestions:
· Viewers are more likely to watch and pay attention to a video when the speaking person is visible.
· Showing some slides or focusing on a determinate area of the poster can help to follow the explanation.
· Posters are too big to be entirely on the screen.