Erasmus+ for Studies includes 2 sub-actions, based on the countries involved:

  • KA103: Erasmus+ for Studies with Programme Countries, i.e. the 28 EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey - information sheet
  • KA107: Erasmus+ for Studies with Partner Countries (ICM - International Credit Mobility), i.e. all the other countries in the world - information sheet

Erasmus+ for studies within the EU as well as outside of Europe is part of the EU Erasmus+ Programme.

Students from Switzerland can join SEMP - Swiss Exchange Mobility Programme.

Incoming students within the framework of Coimbra Group Student Exchange Network are required to follow the same procedures as Erasmus+ for Studies incoming students.

Bilateral agreements are required for the students’ mobility to take place: please check the list of bilateral agreements currently in place between the University of Padova and other HEIs.

Teacher in Charge of Programme Erasmus + Studio (Curriculum Mobility Studies):

Prof. Paola Molino


Desks and contacts

Erasmus Scienze Umane
Complesso Beato Pellegrino
Via Vendramini, 13
Phone: +39 0498279754


Further information: Programme Erasmus+ Studies

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