The curricular internship is a mandatory activity within the master’s degree in Historical Sciences (all study tracks).

For students first enrolled from the a.y. 2020/2021, the internship consists in 6 CFU credits, corresponding to a minimum of 150 hours.

The internship can be carried out starting from the second year of the masters programme:

externally, within a host institution, on topics consistent with the study plan (schools, libraries, archives, museums, study centers, associations, etc.);

- in the University of Padua, in our centers, museums and laboratories;

- in the DiSSGeA, as part of projects promoted by professors of the Department;

- abroad, for example within the Erasmus + program for internships,

It is possible to obtain 6 CFU also through the recognition of work and/or training experiences related to the contents of the master’s degree in Historical Sciences. The request for recognition and authorization of work and/or training activities must be submitted in advance to the Internships and Traineeships referent for the bachelor degree in History and master’s degree in Historical Sciences (prof. Elena Canadelli). The request for recognition of work/civil service must then be submitted to the Career Service Office (Alessandra Lighezzolo), using a specific form to be requested by email from the Office itself.

Students are advised to plan the internship activity in time and to monitor the deadlines for document submission.


Looking for an internship

Visit the showcase of University offers for Italy:

or for abroad:

within the Erasmus + program for internships:

If you are interested in an internship within the University or the DiSSGeA in particular, please find current open positions at:

Check your contacts and ask them to open an agreement or reach out to your professors.


Starting an internship

As it is shown in the University Career Service page (, in order to start an internship, an agreement, a safety training course and a training project are required. They will be necessary also for the activation procedures.

The activities and goals of the internship training plan are established in agreement with the academic tutor (teacher of the degree course) and the company tutor (the person who follows the student in the host institution). For internships carried out within the University, the two figures may coincide.

Please note that this procedure is mandatory in order to properly start the activity, including for insurance matters.


Finishing the internship

At the end of the internship, and at least one week before signing in for the exam via Uniweb, the student must submit the following documents to the University Career Service (Dr. Alessandra Lighezzolo)

- Attendance report

- Company tutor certification

- Short report by the student on the activity carried out (max 1 page)

The documents will be checked and signed by the head of the University's Career Service.


Registering the internship

The student must sign in for the “Stage e tirocini” exam call during the regular periods via Uniweb.

It is not necessary to physically show up for the exam, but the above mentioned documents must be submitted within 3 days prior to the exam to Prof. Elena Canadelli, Internships and Traineeships referent.

Without the documents and/or the exam, it will not be possible to proceed with the registration of the 6 credits.


Useful links

Career Service page:

Internships / traineeships in Italy:

Internships / traineeships abroad:

Erasmus + program for internships:


Further information

Internship and traineeship Referent for the Bachelor's Degree in History and Master's Degree in Historical Sciences – DiSSGeA:

Prof. Elena Canadelli

Palazzo Luzzato Dina Palace - Via del Vescovado, 30

Tel. +39 049 827 8555


Career Service Office - School of Human, Social and Cultural Heritage Sciences

Alessandra Lighezzolo

Sede centrale Palazzo Storione - Riviera Tito Livio, 6

Tel. +39 049 827 3070 - 3075


Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 10-14; Tue and Thu also 15-17

Phone service hours:

Mon-Fri 10-13; Tue and Thu also 15-16.30


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