Segregation: a practical demonstration

This demonstration shows that even mild preferences to be near members of one's own group can lead to extreme segregation. 

■Segregation is the separation of social groups by race, class, ethnicity, gender, or other recognizable characteristics.
■Residential segregation refers to segregation in housing, whereas school segregation refers to differential access to educational facilities.

Segregation: Schelling Effect

■prejudice can lead to segregation
■homophily leads to segregation
■ to the separation of groups by race, gender, or other social categories
■It was this type of segregation that Rosa Parks fought in 1955 when she refused an Alabama bus driver's demand that she move to the rear with other Black riders.
■why does segregation still occur today in schools and other places where people support social equality

Nobel Laureate Thomas Schelling proposed an answer in the 1970s, writing that racial discrimination arises not only from behavior that is "heartless, selfish and illegal" but "from the magnification of small incentives into massive results."