• Master Degree: Archaeological Sciences

    Curriculum: Applied sciences to cultural heritage materials and sites

    Course Type:  Second Cycle degree Location:  Università di Padova 
    Italian Class of Degree: LM-2 - Archaeology  Brochure of the course  
    Language: English
    Duration: 2 years

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    The Master’s degree acknowledges the recent scientific advances in the investigation of cultural heritage materials at different scales, from the site/landscape survey to diagnostics at the molecular and atomic levels, and the interpretation of derived information. Based on truly interdisciplinary collaborations, the programme offers the theoretical background and the necessary practical knowledge towards the application of scientific methods to archaeological and cultural heritage materials.

    The course wishes to emphasise the role of materials in human history and prehistory, showing how innovative and state-of-the-art archaeometric techniques and methods may efficiently extract tangible and intangible information from cultural heritage materials. Furthermore the obtained scientific information must be interpreted in the context of the physical chemistry properties of the material itself, the production process, the socio-economic framework, the conservation process, and finally properly inserted into the historical / social / anthropological / artistic timeline. The cultural heritage materials must be understood as having a past, a present, and a future life, always connected with the ever shifting values of human cultures.

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    • Structure of the course

      1st Year: Integrated analysis of cultural heritage materials, Geomorphology of archaeological landscapes and sites, Suite of courses on Materials properties and conservation (stone materials, binders, biomaterials), Geoarchaeology and micromorphology, Dating techniques, Geophysics for cultural heritage, Macromolecules and genetics, Communication and digital experience in CH

      2nd Year: Historical buildings and sites, Suite of courses on Materials properties and conservation (ceramics, pigments, metals, glass), Remote sensing for archaeology, Databases and data processing, Authentication, History and theory of restoration, Urban history, Management and valorization of cultural heritage

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      The programme structure and the focus on materials are very different from existing programmes in Italy and in most EU countries. Selected students may also have the possibility to achieve a double degree with the University of Haifa (Maritime Archaeological Heritage) and with the University of Bordeaux Montaigne (Archaeological Sciences). The students enrolling in Padova in academic year 2021/2022 will be able to select the double degree with Bordeaux or Haifa in 2022/2023.

            structure of the course

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      International Desk (information related to the programme Applied Sciences to Cultural Heritage Materials and Sites): international.dbc@unipd.it

      proposed and assigned topics for dissertation work - A.Y. 2022-23