A.A. 2023-24 (32h)

Doctoral course title: Phenomenology, Naturalism, and Metaphysics

Topic for the year 2023-2024: Conceptualism vs. Non-Conceptualism: State of the Art of a Perennial Debate.

Coordinators: Proff. Antonio M. Nunziante, Andrea Altobrando, Giulia Lanzirotti

Other Participants: dott. Luca Corti

Start: October 11th, 2023, h 16:30-19.30 (Sala Stefanini)

Scheduled time: 16:30 - 19.30


October 11 (Sala Stefanini)

October 25 (Sala Seminari)

November 8 (Sala Seminari)

November 22 (Sala Stefanini)

December 6 (Sala Giacon)

December 20 (Sala Giacon)

January 10 (Sala Giacon)

January 24 (Sala Giacon)

February 7 (Sala Giacon)

February 28 (Sala Giacon)

Venue: Sala Giacon, Sala Stefanini, and Sala Seminari Palazzo del Capitanio, Capitaniato Square, 3-35139 Padova

Topic description: This seminar is devoted to topics in theoretical philosophy which lie at the crossroad between phenomenology and metaphysics, and which raise questions concerning a naturalistic understanding of reality. Phenomenology, in this seminar, is mainly considered as a specific approach to philosophical issues, which analyses experience and its structures, rather than as a philosophical tradition, not to say doctrine. Metaphysics, on the other hand, is considered as a philosophical domain in which one taken on questions concerning the structure of reality also beyond what experience can show. Naturalism, instead, does not represent a specific domain of investigation, but rather a general way of understanding reality as basically natural, and as subject to natural laws. One of the aims of the seminar is to investigate whether, and, in case, how, a naturalistic understanding of the issue at stake from time to time is possible, and, furthermore, if the phenomenological and metaphysical analyses we will carry out purport a specific form of naturalism instead of another one, or if they possibly show an untenability of any kind of naturalism.

Topic of the academic year 2023/2024: Conceptualism vs. Non-Conceptualism: State of the Art of a Perennial Debate.

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